Multiple ledger nodes across multiple clusters


Append-only, source of truth asset ledger


Only authorised, trusted users can transact


Audit history leading to the current state.

Blockchain for Asset Tracking

Decentralised blockchains excel at digital asset tracking and record-keeping. In contrast, traditional centralised systems have long been hindered by limitations in their ability to track changes, modifications and data tampering. Permissioned-based blockchains can easily identify who created or modified a record, and how the record came to be in its current state, making it perfect for tracking assets at an institutional scale.

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Decentralised Blockchain


Industries are rapidly transitioning to tracking their assets on-chain.

Supply Chains

Enhanced visibility

Optimise supply chains and the delivery of products, reducing costs and increasing speed, while also enhancing product visibility and traceability.


Security, privacy, and interoperability

Digital patient record-keeping and tracking of medicines from inception to supply, blockchain technology empowers patients to be at the forefront of the healthcare ecosystem.

Banking & Finance

Global, cross-border automation

Blockchain technology is helping institutions significantly reduce operational costs by automating transactions, reducing processing times and streamlining data verification.

Government & Public Sector

Automating redundant processes

Permissioned blockchains are revolutionising government and public sector operations by automating laborious processes, such as inter-departmental data exchange and public record management.


Safeguarding intellectual property

Blockchain technology combats intellectual property piracy, safeguards digital content, and streamlines the distribution of authentic digital collectibles.

Digital Currencies

Tradable assets

Internal digital tokens enabling peer-to-peer transactions throughout your network. Tokens can represent a wide range of tradable assets, including carbon credits, loyalty points, or other valuable currencies.

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