Multiple, private organisational clusters of infrastructure working together to form a consortium.

Peer Nodes

Distribued network of Peer nodes validating and endorsing the legitimacy of transactions through consensus protocols.

Certificate Authorities

Private organisational Certificate Authorities controlling identity and permissions to your assets.

Smart Contracts

Custom smart contracts & chaincode enabling automation of tasks during the asset lifecycle.

Removing the complexity

Blockchain infrastructure can be notoriously complex and challenging to set up, especially for those who are new to the technology. The infrastructure includes multiple components that need to work together seamlessly to achieve consensus and ensure the integrity of the network.

We configure a custom private blockchain network tailored to your project's unique requirements. Our solution offers enterprise-grade management and monitoring, ensuring scalability and security at high speeds. This allows you to focus on your core application while we handle the technical complexities of your blockchain infrastructure

Decentralised Blockchain

Specialists in bespoke permission based distributed ledger projects

Have an idea for a new DLT project? We work with SMEs, Enterprise and Funded Startups on complex, private blockchain projects.

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