Digital Signatures

Permissioned blockchain platforms utilise it's own PKI infrastructure to sign and authenticate each transaction. Leveraging your private cryptographic keys, digital assets can be securely, digitally signed and ownership verified.

Distributed Signatures

Digital signing and verifying of assets through a decentralised, blockchain-based system offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, including simplification, timestamping and PKI processes as standard.

HSM Signatures

Integrate with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) using the PKCS#11 interface to securely store and manage your users' cryptographic keys and sign digital assets within the HSM's secure environment.

Compliant Signatures

Through our collaboration with eSign, we can establish your infrastructure to ensure seamless compliance with industry-standard digital signature standards, including PAdES, XAdES, and CAdES.

Proof of Revision

Digital signatures modernised

As digital documents continue to evolve from PDF-based formats to responsive, dynamic content, traditional practices must adapt to keep pace. Building upon established public key infrastructure (PKI), blockchain technology adds new layers of security, convenience, and standardisation to the digital signature process. This enables the secure signing and verification of various assets throughout their lifecycle, ensuring the integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation, and long-term validation of your digital assets.

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