Fungible tokens

Mint ERC-20 Fungible tokens and trade them within your internal network. Tokens can represent a wide range of tradable assets, including carbon credits, loyalty points, or other valuable currencies.


Create ERC-721 NFT tokens to represent something in a unique way. Perfect for collectables, digital assets, concert seats and many more use cases. NFTs are standardised for the ownership to be transferred.


Mint, track and transfer your own cryptocurrencies. Become the bank or let your users buy/sell your cryptocurrencies automatically within your network through peer-to-peer transactions.

Smart Contracts

Fire autonomous actions throughout the lifecycle of a token, enabling a range of applications, from simple notifications to complex processes such as NFT certificate generation, or the release of Escrow payments.

Proof of Revision

Enterprise Tokenization

ECM is a leader in the development of private, permissioned blockchain solutions. Unlike public, permissionless blockchains, where anyone can participate in transactions, our technology is designed for secure and controlled networks. Prior to engaging in transactions, participants are authorised and verified, ensuring a trusted and regulated environment. Our technology is ideal for creating and transacting tokens within your own network, such as carbon credits, loyalty points, unique digital assets, or other valuable currencies or tokens.

Evolution of Tokens

Blockchain technology has gained widespread recognition for its role in powering peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which eliminates the need for a central authority while addressing the issue of double-spending. Since its inception, a second generation of alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, has emerged, featuring notable examples such as Ethereum and Ripple. The characteristics of blockchain systems, including ordered transactions, consensus algorithms, and immutable transaction records, make them ideal for the distribution of tokens. These tokens can be either fungible (non-unique and divisible) or non-fungible (unique cryptographic tokens), allowing for a wide range of applications and use cases.

Decentralised Blockchain

Specialists in bespoke permission based distributed ledger projects

Have an idea for a new DLT project? We work with SMEs, Enterprise and Funded Startups on complex, private blockchain projects.

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