Distributed Ledger Technology Partner

We deliver enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure and software projects for the public and private sector.

Specialists in bespoke permission based distributed ledger projects

Have an idea for a new DLT project? We work with SMEs, Enterprise and Funded Startups on complex, private blockchain projects.

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Decentralised Blockchain

Permissioned-based blockchain infrastructure deployment, governance and monitoring with API support for asset tracking, token issuance and digital asset signature.

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Decentralised Blockchain
Proof of Revision

Secure Asset Tracking

Track ownership, changes and accountability of valuable assets via a secure, immutable, audited blockchain ledger.

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Enterprise Tokenization

Mint and transfer private ERC-20 tokens, cryptocurrency and ERC-721 NFTs internally within your own network.

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Digital Asset Signing

Digitally sign assets to validate their authenticity and integrity. Use your own private certificate authorities to ensure the asset belongs to the signer and was not altered.

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Blockchain network deployment

  • Distributed peers nodes
  • Private certificate Authorities
Blockchain software development

Immutable digital asset audited trail

  • Permission based governance
  • Validating consensus protocol
Blockchain software development

Application Programming Interface

  • Seamless network integration
  • Low latency, high throughput
Blockchain software development

Cloud containerisation and orchestration

  • Scale as your needs grow
  • Metrics and monitoring
Blockchain software development

Distributed network infrastructure

Built for developers, by developers

Blockchain software development


Multi-cluster organisational peer nodes, certificate authorities, ledger storage, smart contracts, containers and network orchestration.

Blockchain software development


Seamless integration to interact with your network, smart contracts and certificate authorities through our RESTful OpenAPI.

Blockchain software development


Cloud infrastructure running on Kubernetes and Docker containers allowing easy horizontal and vertical scaling.

Blockchain software development


Continual Full-Stack observability, metrics and actionable alerts with Grafana and Prometheus.

Blockchain software development

Consensus Algorithm

Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) to achieve majority consensus, enabling high throughput and low latency.

Blockchain software development


Along with the highly secure nature of a distributed system, we also integration with HSMs, HashiCorp vault and Trusted Service Providers.

Blockchain software development

Digitally Sign

Digitally sign assets using PKI from your Certificate Authority. Digital signatures enforce an assets integrity and authenticity.

Blockchain software development


Create, distribute and trade your own internal tokens, cryptocurrency and NFTs. Track ownership, transfer history and total supply throughout your network.

Blockchain software development

Enterprise Technology

Our technology is built upon Hyperledger Fabric - an enterprise-grade, permissioned blockchain implementation from the Linux foundation.