Agile Project Management

With our extensive experience in software development, we possess a wealth of knowledge spanning from technical design all the way to continous deployment.

Enterprise Software

Our team specialises in delivering high-quality, enterprise-level software that is built using test-driven methodologies, SOLID principles, and Agile development cycles.

Blockchain Integration

Seamless integration with your private blockchain and registration authority for asset management, audit trails, certificate issuance and tokenisation.

Automatic Continous Delivery

By utilising infrastructure as code (IaC), we automate deployment processes, enabling the rapid and continuous delivery of your application to various environments.

Development Lifecycle

From concept to deployment, we collaborate closely with you to craft a tailored software solution that meets your unique needs. Our proven five-phase agile approach ensures that we deliver a robust, scalable system that adapts to your evolving requirements.

Software requirements phase

We collaborate with you and your team to define the project's requirements, create a comprehensive Software Requirements Specification (SRS), and design the user interface and system architecture. This is a critical step in ensuring that the final product meets the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Agile development phase

The development stage involves bi-monthly sprints, during which our team collaborates with you to demo and test individual components and microservices that make up the system. This iterative approach enables stakeholders to provide feedback and be actively involved at every stage of the development process, ensuring that the system meets the needs and expectations of all parties.

Integration phase

Throughout the software development process, we establish and deploy your blockchain infrastructure, seamlessly integrating it with your software using our APIs. Additionally, any third-party services the system will utilise will be incorporated in a modular fashion, ensuring easy management and scalability.

Deployment phase

Your system's infrastructure is automated through declarative code and continuous delivery. We set up multiple environments (dev, sandbox, prod) for testing and development. Each commit triggers an automated build, test, and deployment process, ensuring smooth, seamless updates to production.

Maintenance phase

After deployment, our team collaborates with you to ensure seamless system operation. We provide automated patching, upgrading, and bug fixing to ensure your system runs smoothly. Additionally, we grant you access to our project management tools, enabling you to log new feature requests and track issues. You'll also have access to monitoring and management tools to visualise your system's performance, ensuring optimal results.

Featured Project

Wanderlands Environment Bank platform deals in the trading of carbon and biodiversity units. Units get tokenized within the platform and transferred from landowners to client's private digital wallets. Tokens are minted to the ERC-20 standard within Wanderland's blockchain application and ownership tracked through a distrubuted transaction ledger.

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Decentralised Blockchain

Specialists in bespoke permission based distributed ledger projects

Have an idea for a new DLT project? We work with SMEs, Enterprise and Funded Startups on complex, private blockchain projects.

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